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Cultural Attractions

Konso Cultural Landscape is a 55 square km arid property of stone walled terraces and fortified settlements in the Konso highlands of Ethiopia.

Festival & Events

We Ethiopians are known by celebrating several unique festivals. The best known’s are Genna (Ethiopian Christmas. Jan 7th),Timket (Ethiopian .... )

Historical - Axum

Christianity came to the Axumite Kingdom early in the 4th century when two Christian youths from Syria, Frumentius and Adesius, landed from a ship ...

Historical - Gondar

748 kilometers from the capital of Ethiopia is Gondar, served daily by Ethiopian airlines, with some good hotels. The oldest of Gondar’s many imperial...

Historical - Harar

Although is largely desert and low-lying savannah, Harerge's northern reaches are mountainous and fertile, and it is there where the country's only ....

Historical - Lalibela

Eastwards, dust, wind, and the baking heat of the merciless midday sun create an environment where only the strong and cunning survive.Even ......

Natural - Bird watching

Ethiopia is situated in the north-eastern horn of Africa, equidistant between the equator and the tropic of Capricorn. its avifauna is one ......

Natural Attractions

Ethiopia is one of the best Country in the world for natural wonders. with a great geographical diversification which comprises high and rugged ......

Natural - Animals

Ethiopia has an extraordinary range of wildlife with 242 listed mammal species, 28 of these being endemic. ... Most notable of the endemic mammals......

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